About Us

Stance Media was founded early 2011…

Stance Media was started by Matthew Suchodolski in early 2011. We are located in Charleston, South Carolina and have built our company around our unique philosophy.

Perfection in a timely and cost effective manor

 Services that we offer…

Currently we offer a wide variety of services including photography, videography and design. We’ve done work for some of the largest companies in the Charleston area including Benefit Focus, Westbrook Brewery and Product Design Associates to name just a few.

We Specialize in…

Our company specializes in multiple emerging technologies to give our clients top quality work with cutting edge technology fueling each project. We are current with new trending delivery formats in today’s ever changing world. What does this mean for you? Simply that your project will be current with today’s changing media needs and will be able to do more for you since we know how to make it work past delivery. In current times it’s not just shooting a commercial and airing it on TV. It’s taking that commercial and making it work in multiple mediums for your company!

Why Stance Media?

At the end of the day our clients demand results and we are able to provide them. How do we deliver ever time? Simply put we strive to create perfection and nothing less! Stance Media prides itself on staffing only the driven and also the passionate in the industry. As a company we are able to continue to create perfection since we employ only those that are motivated to do what we offer. If our staff did not work for us they would be doing the same quality work as it’s a passion not just a job, we take each clients request to heart. We are serious about what we do and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. Photography, videography and design…It’s what we know, what we believe in doing. Day in and day out. It’s our passion let us share it with you.